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  • Consultancy
  • Marketing
  • Communication


We are trusted for being reliable communication and consultancy firm in unlocking potentials in agribusiness, environments, natural resources, and tourism through research, documentation, and information sharing.

At Kijani we believe that informed people make informed choices. This is why our work aims at informing, educating, engaging, and inspiring communities to make changes and take sustainable solutions as drivers towards job creations, income generation, and sustainable development.

We work to help individuals, organizations, institutions, and companies to reach their target audience through improved and effective internal and external communications. We also facilitate market linkages between farmers and various local and international markets.





  • Research and Documentation
    Data collection, Data Tracking, Data distribution
  • Project management and training
    Project design, implementation, reporting, evaluation, capacity building
  • Communication strategy
    Audience segmentation, Communication objectives, Communication channels to disseminate messages, Implementation plan, Budgets



Communication and Marketing

  • Media relations
    Facilitate and coordinate press relationships, produce press release, press Conference, Articles and Feature Articles, TV and Radio interviews
  • Audio Visual Production:
    Adverts, documentaries, Catalogues, Calendars, content creation for Promo Online TV and social media
  • Digital Marketing:
    Social media marketing and promotion, campaigns
  • Market Linkage facilitator:
    Value additional, marketing, market linkages between farmers and various markets

Promoting sustainable lifestyles